An experience, more than a show, which aims to raise awareness on caring for water, in a context of growing environmental and social crisis. An interdisciplinary arts group formed by: musicians, dancers, and audiovisual artists participated in a research process in Alegro Cultural Centre in Montevideo, which resulted in creating and developing this ‘performing arts experience’. 

In the creation of the sound space, we relate Latin American roots with contemporary art by performing a series of folk songs from different countries in South America related to water, and the implementation of multimedia and interactive resources that would play from the public’s mobile devices, generating live collective sound landscapes.

As the presentation develops, affectation by dance starts to occur. Gradually, the performers start relaxing, moving and dancing in freedom, self-expression and body contact, with the intention of creating a ‘contagious’ atmosphere. The idea is to transcend the binary conception of ‘artist’ and ‘public’ (non-artists). An invitation of empowerment for the public, so they assume an active role in this experience and in the transformation of the world.
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