This project originates out of the certainty that losing connection with our sensitivity is losing connection with Life.

Insensitivity no longer makes sense.


An aseptic, cold, atmosphere.

Skin and stuff surrounded by empty greyness.

An apathetic existence.

Someone who does not feel, escapes from life’s intensity.
Someone who does not feel, avoids pain.
But someone who does not feel, cannot be touched, cannot be moved. No longer can this human being cry for joy or beauty.

Drowned screams turned into glacial images.

Powerful, compelling symbols.

A numb sensitivity, which is yearned for just as much as it is feared.

Tension; an invitation to see our defense mechanisms as new threats.

This project is an approach on this self-induced emotional anesthesia from a visual and poetic language which translates insensitivity, inner conflicts, the burden of expectations and family affairs into physical sensations and different object constellations.

Recognising it, playing with it, trying to represent it, looking for its beauty and seeing it in its absurdity, in order to transcend it.