Lucas Damiani Photographer Artist About Uruguay Madrid Investro Art Project

Lucas Damiani (Montevideo, 1994) is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist with a background in the fields of psychology, yoga, and contemporary dance.

His works explore the corporal and the intimate; sensitivity and synesthesia, the possibilities of visual stimuli to affect our emotions and our senses.

He has taken various courses and workshops with key teachers from different fields: Pilar García Merino, Matías Costa, Juan Curto (photography and art), Gonzalo Golpe (visual narratives), José Sanchis Sinisterra (dramaturgy), Gianni Pena (contemporary dance), to name but a few.

He currently lives and continues to study in Madrid thanks to having been awarded the 2018 “Lanzadera de Fotógrafos” Scholarship of TooManyFlash School, and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Uruguay, Perú and Rome.

Since January 2018 he is part of Investro, a company and living project of collective artistic research on the cross-pollinations of visual arts and performing arts.