The tyrany of plastics. What’s sacred, profaned.

Ridiculous as three bananas from organic farming in a polystyrene foam tray wrapped in plastic film.

These take about a thousand years to break down, and, if everything remains as it is, by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the sea.
Plastics, coming from Petroleum, as a symbol of disposable, consumerism society, of a model that captures, commercializes, packs, exhibits and swallows.

What are the limits of this obsession for packaging, isolating and covering with plastics?
Does this only occur with objects?
Or can it be extrapolated to other areas of human life?

Objects reveal social dynamics and ways we see and relate with the world.
They are symbols of subjectivity.

In this old church, the question about sacred objects arises.
Those we tend to provide with a certain magic or elevated nature, and are connected to contemplation or rituals.

Sacred objects of art, love, spirituality and nature.
In Polystyrene trays.


Exhibition at ARTNIT Campos
Contemporary Art Festival
August, 2018
Mallorca, Spain